Welcome to our classroom


2's and 3's

Our 2's and 3's room gives children opportunities to learn and make new friends through building a sense of community. We provide opportunities for children to freely explore their environment through art, music, outdoor exploration, and our hands-on 'Tinker Lab' science area. Learning should be fun!

We also offer a weekly music program and a "Spanish for Preschool" program.

Children mature and develop at different rates and being Potty Trained is NOT required.

Caring for 2's and 3's

We get it, parenting 2's and 3's is tough! We work together with parents and families, reinforcing kind and developmentally-appropriate methods. We believe students at this age need more one on one attention for optimal learning. this is why we maintain a 1-6 Teacher/Child Ratio with no more than 12 students in a classroom.

We also want to encourage healthy eating habits by providing a healthy nutritious snack each day.