I have been working with Young Children since 1989 and this is all I have ever wanted to do! I am passionate about providing an environment for children and families that is loving, caring, and allows children to learn and grow in a fun and meaningful way that has a lasting impact. My goal is to provide a successful foundation for all future learning.

Marlene Allen, Director

Children are natural learners with curiosity, interest, and abilities to explore the world around them, and that is what we encourage at Hillside Preschool.

What we believe about
Early Childhood Education

We are creating a place where children can learn and develop through play-based activities and experiences that create a love for learning, thus creating the foundation for all future learning experiences. During this process we want children to know they are special while helping them be who God has created them to be. We create a place for community and belonging where children have opportunities to learn, grow, and make new friends.


What we believe about Supporting Families

We understand that parents have the most important role in the development of their child's life. We hope to develop a partnership with families, walking alongside you in a  supportive and encouraging way, providing you with resources to help you along the journey of parenthood.


What we believe about Discipline

Children should be guided in a loving and caring way. It's natural for children to want to take risks, try things outside of the box, and test the boundaries. Through positive guidance and redirection we can help them achieve their best! Childhood should be a time of joy and children are unique individuals. We are committed to providing each child with a caring and supportive environment where they are nurtured and respected.

Chapel at Hillside is Fun and Exciting!

We provide a weekly Chapel time that focuses on building those positive character traits we all want to instill in our children. Kindness, thankfulness, being helpful, and showing others love are all a huge part of the growth we want to see in our children.